Please Read the FAQ first by clicking here.

1. Fill out the following application form completely and Submit it by clicking on Submit onceFill out all Required fields otherwise you will get an error, prompting you to fill them in.  Please make sure you have cookies enabled for the site in case of a mistake, otherwise your info will be lost and the form cleared.  Do Not click on the Submit button more than once, otherwise you will disrupt the form’s process and/or we will get multiple applications from you.  Allow the form up to a couple of minutes to process your data.  You will see a screen afterwards stating that the info was received if it was successful.  You will Not receive an automated email confirmation of your submission at this time, though we will have received your information.

2. Pay via secure Square online or, if by Check, send to: Beacon Hill Art Walk, P.O. Box 171080, Boston, MA 02117.


All artwork MUST be original and handmade by you. No crafts, no jewelry. No mass produced versions of your art will be accepted (this rule holds for photography as well). No prints, gicleès, or reproductions. No note cards of any kind. New artists will be accepted based on available locations and availability in their medium and subject matter.

The number of photographers will be limited, and accepted based on the date application is received, type of photography, type of process and subject matter. This applies to returning photographers as well as new applicants, and this number will include mixed-media artists who manipulate photographs, whether digitally or manually. Photographers must describe their process.

There is a limited availability of spaces able to accommodate 10×10 tents and those will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. The same rule applies for spaces with fences to hang art work from. While we will attempt to accommodate space requests no guarantees can be offered in space assignments. No tents, tables, chairs, etc, will be provided. Setups are full responsibility of the artists.


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